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As an ayurvedic remedy it is a health practice to: "Use the Whole Fruit to Treat The Whole Person. The product Zrii honors this alternative health treatment by including the whole food in a purest form of Amalaki also known as phyllanthus embelica creating one of the most beneficial phytonutrient formulas available in this amalaki berry. The phyllanthus amalaki or amla botanical is of somewhat sour sensation but also has a most pleasant and complex after taste. The amalaki botanical by itself provides a natural source for essential ingredients for prosperity. A certified organic formula is preferred by true Natural Health enthusiasts. The amalaki legacy spans over 5000 years but the future begins now in this cornerstone product for those who grasp this powerful ayurvedic drink  In addition learn about Amalaki NutriiVeda Weight Loss.

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Experience the goodness of the Amalaki Botanical delicious beverage for the benefits of all 7 botanicals in the Zrii Ingredients.

Wildcrafted -Hand Harvested for the Purest Amla

Hand harvested in extremely nutrient dense lands at the base of the Himalaya mountain range, the
Naturally Harvested Amalaki Fruit is propogated in the cleanest air and is naturally nourished by some of the best plant water in that hemisphere. Amalaki fruit is Wild-crafted employing a preferred fruit harvesting methodology where the amalaki is picked from amalaki trees as they are originally found in their native environment. A less desirable way for amalaki crop harvesting would be from orchards and large fields which is not the most desired agricultural practice for the amla fruit crop. The most potent Amalaki is grown in natural environment and is generally preferred due to wildcrafting processing techniques, versus the orchard variety which are cultivated to be large and fleshy. You want pure organic conditions with no pesticides located in natural environments which eliminate the need for herbicides, dangerous chemical fertilizers, or pesticides of any type.

Also known as: Aola, Dharty, and Aonla in the plant family of Euphorbiaceae. It naturally grows in Afghanistan, Burma, as well as in Sri Lanka. Amalaki is known by different names in different cultures: English is the Indian Gooseberry; Hindi is Amla; Sanskrit is Amalaki; Tamil is Nellikka with the botanical name being
Emblica officinalis.

There are two types of amalaki -the forest type called Vanya which is smaller hard and fibrous -and the Gramya variety which delivers a more succulent soft juicy variety. Flowering of this sacred amla tree occurs in February to May yearly and the fruition period lasts approximately from October through April.  There are numerous body benefits mentioned for amla or amalaki in the auyrvedic medicine discipline.

Amalaki contained in Zrii is hand picked not unlike the ancient techniques previously identified, and then processed using a whole plant processing technology known as cold press and flash pasteurization. The fruit is extracted into 100% juice and then the extract is vacuum dried using a scientific proprietary technology to keep all the nutritional potency intact.

Mankind's Ancient System of Healthy Living and Healing

The Amalaki used in ayurveda medicine is the Science of Life in a 5,000 year old medical system from India with the objective of creating dynamic balance in all areas of alternative health. As humankind's most ancient system of healthy living, Ayurveda is commonly referred to as the mother of all natural balance and support systems being the basis of chyavanprash dating back thousands of years and bolstering the body providing a digestive formula and very important essential ingredients. Get all the facts about phyllanthus emblica today.

Ayurveda focuses on three main healing areas for total health: the prevention of disease, the healing of existing illnesses, and the promotion of body longevity and rejuvenation through eating habits. The premise to all of these principles is the closer to nature the better as there is considerable valuable wisdom in nature which supports glowing natural health and global wellness.

In recent decades, the study of Ayurveda has greatly increased in prominence due to the amalaki and primarily due to the teachings of experts such as Deepak Chopra and David Simon. The study of the Yoga the sister science, where millions and millions of people are practicing self healing techniques. In simple terms Ayurveda's objective is to help the individual by educating them with the knowledge to be self-reliant. By employing plant medicines, correct whole food eating habits, and regularly scheduled exercise and healthy lifestyle Ayurveda is considered a whole health life approach.

Amalaki helps stimulate purity of the spirit being the foundation of good health. Amalaki is used in Indian culture in cosmetics and in hair tonic for new growth and improved pigmentation. The primary phytochemicals in the
amalaki research are phyllemblin, ascorbic acid, with pectins and tannin along with gallic acid. Amalaki contains lignans and bioflavonoids and is a perennial plant herb originating in Central to Southern India.

Pubmed Research  Considerable amalaki research exists on Pubmed.


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The Amalaki Tree provides indian gooseberry fruits with the Varanasi variety considered to be the highest quality. Amalaki berry tree harvest season is completed in early springtime.

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