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What Are The Zrii Milestones Achieved?


World Class Company ZRII is Setting Records

This new company blasted onto the natural health product scene late in 2007 and already is getting renowned attention which is well deserved.  Due to Bill Farley's brilliance Zrii LLC. is destined to be one of the most exciting ventures ever conceived in the Network Marketing Business Model which will dominate home business growth in the 21st Century.

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What does this all mean personally to you?  It means a great business that you can prosper in which includes all the Six Pillars of Success Attributes as outlined in our Blog which are necessary before starting in any MLM Opportunity.

Zrii Business Milestones and Results

Our AmalakiSuperstar Team Business  Milestones Achieved in Eleven Months

* July 24, 2007 -Introduced to the Zrii Opportunity from a Six Figure Earner in Network Marketing with over 14 years of MLM Industry Experience.  Signed up immediately!  We both are experienced in the Unilevel with Dynamic Compression Compensation Plan and recognize it as the top MLM Comp Plan offered.

* August 1, 2007  -Began implementation, website design, and publishing of the Amalaki Fruit web site creating an authority resource site able to attract top leaders to our professional internet marketing team, plus those Ayurvedic enthusiasts that are attracted to a quality product.  This phase began our massive recruiting launch efforts to take advantage of the great Timing and leveraging capabilities of massive action.   Ordered the Tracy Biller set of MLM Industry training CDs leading to our first 90-day blitz.

* September 30, 2007  -Personally recruited and enrolled over 30 new Zrii Independent Distributors that trusted us to provide top leadership, Tools, Systems, Training and Support so they can also participate in the prosperity and dream.  Networking Leaders joining included Rich Kelly and Rick Snyder have now achieved the Four Star Executive Rank.  We began to here from our customers and Independent Executives about Amalaki Juice Testimonials describing the personal benefits of the amalaki fruit botanical.  People love this amalaki juice and order it religiously because they're getting results and it's a value for their health investment dollars.  In September Top Network Marketing Leaders from other reputable companies in MLM such as Mannatech and Monavie shared in our vision and joined our team.  During this period we developed two solid legs or business units and qualified for two shares in the 5% Fast Start Bonus Pool for personally sponsoring at least 10 members.

*  October 30, 2007  - Continued recruiting efforts an as of the end of the month had a downline count of 622.  On October 19th we traveled to the Zrii Chicago, Illinois Official Kickoff event and were recognized on stage as one of the top enrollers and distributors in the company.  We met Bill Farley personally and the other company original founders.  We also met our upline Craig Joseph and Doug Vass from Calgary, Alberta, Canada,  Our first Zrii Top Team paychecks began to roll in -and roll in some more!

* November 31, 2007  -Our Zrii business continued steady growth and from team efforts we closed out the month with 836 members.  In addition the GOAMALAKI site marketing system was launched.  It's not hard to see that the word is out and momentum is gaining.  The 5% Fast Start Bonus pool check from October's efforts amounted to $1,400 in addition to all the other income.  If you sponsor 5 new members in a month you earn a bonus pool share which varies monthly in amount.  Our ending month business volume was $79,025.

* December 31, 2007 -The holidays didn't slow us down as our organization continued to produce, and introduce this opportunity to many others attracted to this Billion Dollar Company in the making.  The ending month count for December distributors was 1011 and the final tally for our Zrii organizational volume was $85,115.

* January 31, 2008  - Started the Zrii Blog in order to share the word in the blogging world.  This is a professional blog on the company and Network Marketing industry.  The results on distributor count for this new year is 1087 with ending operational business volume of $104,125 -now that's a great month!

*  February 29, 2008  -This was an amazing growth month for Zrii and our team as networking industry leaders are recognizing Zrii as a premier opportunity.  Ending business operational volume for our organization was $120,180 with total enrollments at end of period 1,320 Independent Executives.
*  March 2008 Update.  We're experiencing Zrii Growth and Momentum this month especially.  As of March 30th our total independent distributor count has grown to 1,613 we've added 293 distributors in 30 days !!  Thanks to our terrific leaders that make this business so rewarding both financially and intrinsically.  Word is that the Zrii convention coming in May 2008 will be a truly amazing event to learn more about the main question:  Why Choose ZRII?  Ending Business Volume in our organization at end of March is $141,165.

*  April 2008 Same New Story - RECORD MONTH!  
Just so you know, it looks like Zrii could be the business opportunity of the decade.  We're seeing continued excellent distributor retention as well as new signups coming in.  April ending business operational volume amounted to the total sales figure of $164,820 with ending distributor count making it to 1,991.  We are a great team and we have a great team.  Don't wait to get a position with us in Zrii LLC!  378 New Independent Executives joined in our organizational downline.  Personally I enrolled 12.

*  May 31, 2008.  A great recruiting month indeed.  We brought on Network Marketing Leader Elliot Taylor who joined May 21st and already has 10 people enrolled before end of month....so Elliot qualified for 2 shares in the Zrii 5% Fast Start Bonus Pool.  Last month's dollar amount per share on this pool paid approximately $350.  Ending Operational volume (OV) amounted to $187,455 with 270 new enrollments in our organization making a total distributor count of 2,261

*  June 30, 2008.  The entire Zrii team performed exceptionally well with 373 new organizational Zrii signups and ending operational volume exceeding $241,650 and final distributor tally 2,634.  What does this mean to you ??....join our team now and watch your business grow due to multiple mlm leaders building in the leg under your business.

*  August 2008.  Growth has continued throughout the summer months in spite of the usual MLM challenges of growing a home business in the summer.  The First Zrii Rising Star Academy event took place in Salt Lake City August 14-15.  Our team had 18 people there and we got to meet some of them in person for the first time.  We grow a business all over North America whether it's in person or through advertising.  Eventually we meet in person and always develop the important relationships that can last a lifetime.

We have attracted top industry leaders.  Announcements have already been made for the Zrii Market Opening in Mexico coming in prelaunch starting October 1, 2008 with official launch scheduled for 2009.

* October 2008. Due to our amazing Zrii team field leadership and dedicated business leaders our organizational growth in October was nothing short of amazing.  New members both preferred customers and Independent Executives in October added up to 615 new members in one month alone -that's momentum!  Zrii Mexico signups were over 300 in the first month of prelaunch in Mexico for our downline distributors.  Business volume is extremely strong and total members in our organization equal 4,148 with 138 Rank advancements in the Prosperity plan last month.  We're getting the team together for the second Zrii Rising Star Academy on November 14-15, 2008 in Anaheim California.  We're just getting started in this journey.  Zrii is setting records with over $43 million in sales revenue in their first year of operations.  Their 11th month of business experienced 38% month-over-month growth from August to September 2008.      

How is History being Made at Zrii LLC?

* In July 2007 twenty five new distributors in the pre-register phase meet with the Zrii Founders and the vision is launched.  New additions filling out the management Suite added in 2008 are Vice President of Operations Gene Tips, and Vice President of Finance Elliot Anderson.  The Zrii Story is unveiled at the Salt Lake City Utah Hilton Center.  Top owners or co-founders of the company received the bonus of a brand new BMW 750Li sports cars....bet that made their day!   Right from the very beginning the company Zrii Received the Chopra Center Endorsement adding credibility worldwide.

* On August 2007 - December 2007 - An elite group of new Independent Distributors met with Bill Farley personally on the Zrii Tour.  Amalaki Juice shipments are being shipped and delivered to the tune of 25,000 juice bottles In January and consumers began tasting the seven botanical drink and began receiving international inquiries from India for ayurvedic reasons.  The yearly convention theme of "Illumination" was announced with a May Spring schedule for official launch.

ZRII CONVENTION Updates Will Be Available In Coming Weeks

The Zrii Global Convention will be held in Utah between May 22-24, 2008.  Zrii Convention Information Here for complete details and schedule up to date.  One of our new MLM leaders Petru Radu will be at this global convention.  We received a special note and announcement from that the Success From Home magazine will have a full expose on the company in their June issue.  Another great sales tool!  We will have a full convention recap and update in about a week and look forward to seeing you all.  We have designed a page for Zrii news meetings and press release information and will try to keep it updated.

* January 2008 marked a 40% revenue growth month over month versus December 2007.  Independent Distributor enrollments were up 70% month over month!

ZriiVost Bus Tour Launches Feb 2008

zrii tour zriivost coach

* February 2008 is when ZRII Video is Launched.  Zrii TV and Video is Launched.  The ZriiVost 2008 Tour gets underway with co-founder stops in the USA Southwest primarily:  San Diego March 4th, Orange County March 5th, Los Angeles March 6th, Las Vegas February 26, Phoenix, AZ February 27th,  and Sacramento, CA March 13th.

* MSNBC Today Show does a TV piece on Alternative Treatments and some very famous people are guest hosts including Dr. David Simon you can View MSNBC Alternative Treatments Video Here

* Updates from Zrii Monthly Conference Calls.  A 50,000 sq. ft warehouse was completed and became fully functional for North American sales and distribution.  Founder Curtis Call states that the back office for Zrii Distributors login will be "The Best Marketing Intelligence Tool In The MLM Industry."  Tracy Harwood quotes that Zrii is "The Greatest Story Ever Told In Network Marketing."  Master Distributors talked about one particular home meeting that attracted and astonishing 162 people (must be a big house).

* The Zrii Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is established to educate others on the natural health benefits of Zrii.  Members included in the Zrii Scientific Advisory Board Dan Rhoda, Suhas Kshirsaga MD, and Tom Yarema MD.


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