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It is a significant challenge to successfully develop a ground breaking synergistic nutritional supplement with efficacy and potency -Zrii Has Risen To The Occasion! In the world of whole food dietary supplements manufacturing there is no other nutritional company that has formulated a comprehensive Amalaki and Ayurveda based formulation that is both delicious and widely trusted in the international marketplace. For key business benefits our analysis and brief Why Join Zrii Review evaluating all Six Elements of due diligence should be examined.


ZRII FORMULATION TEAM  -In clearing marketplace health product introduction hurdles, and to accomplish the corporate growth goals and ultimate ZRII market penetration, a global team of Professional Formulators was engaged for their expertise. This team included PhD Doctors in Nutritional Science and natural chemistry, along with physicians in the Ayurvedic field and doctors of standard allopathic medicine. After working together for several months on the perfect clinical formulation this team of career professionals emerged with the perfect Zrii Amalaki Juice formulation containing seven well known main ingredients that had a history of use in Ayurvedic Healing therapy.  Using known fundamental Ayurvedic formula ingredients used for centuries all over the world the medicinal botanicals of Tulsi, Turmeric, Schisandra, Ginger and Amalaki (AMLA), Haritaki, and Jujube were added together in a synergistic blend specifically designed to be safe and efficacious but also have Global Market Appeal.

Adaptogenic Herb Properties & Benefits

Adaptogenic Herb botanicals like jujube tree fruit and shizandra berry are popular in personal fitness diets. The ZRII amalaki combination was created bringing together base knowledge of traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Medicine to promote desired homeostasis. Adaptogenic herb properties of certain fruits are utilized to relieve stress delivering a body balancing influence before prolonged exposure to toxins becomes detrimental to the body. Adaptogenic properties are related to the body's inherent ability to handle stress by boosting the adrenal glands for increased potential storage of dopamine, epinephrine, and norepineephrine.  The ingredient Haritaki has common applications in Ayurvedic treatment for the digestion system. In addition this formula contains natural vitamin C found in Amalaki to defend in Free Radical Scavenging; revitalization Rasayana herbs for restorative effects; plus the Jujube fruit for intercellular communication support.

Zrii Ingredients include some of the most universally accepted and widely used Natural Health Botanicals and Natural Healing Plants of any functional health beverage currently available in the world market including the ingredients of: Jujube, Schizandra, Turmeric, Tulsi, Haritaki, Ginger, and of course Amla or Amalaki.

What Does the Word "ZRII" Mean?

ZRII in Sanskrit language means better Fortune, Magnificence, Luster and Prosperity. The term also refers to the goddess of contemporary Hindu culture and auspiciousness.  Amalaki Fruit used in Ayurveda in India is the primary centerpiece botanical in Indian culture and medicine.  Legend has it that a person can regain their youth and beauty depending upon how many Amalaki fruits one consumes attaining greater overall wisdom and prosperity.

The Zrii Billion Dollar Company and Brand Launch!

The Zrii original founders offer you the Zrii marketing opportunity.  ZRII is the embodiment of the next generation of optimal nutrition with global branding. Zrii delivers to the world market for residual income and health benefits the renowned and critically acclaimed plus very rapidly growing acclaimed Zrii Wholesale Business Opportunity. Zrii has no shortage of investment capital to make this a world-class company due to Bill Farley's involvement as owner. Starting your own business and earning income working from home has never been an easier decision than now. We wholeheartedly endorse the philosophy that everybody needs health, and everybody needs their own Plan B to have a bright future outlook. The tax benefits of owning your own business should also be considered.

ZRII is taking the organizational leadership of Bill Farley legendary investor and other leaders to the global market economy. The Zrii Compensation Plan is very competitive and we've seen it pay very generously to those that get into action. We are attracting the right business development team and the right group of dedicated juice distributors in mass with this worldwide brand. 
Zrii Testimonials are being collected from consumers.  The people who join Zrii recognize a legitimate company success story. When Bill Farley is at the helm, the company is in for global growth and on multiple continents.

ZRII is actively searching for like-minded partners like yourself in order to begin achieving greatness in the health and wellness industry. Improve your own personal financial situation by taking the enrollment step and join our leadership group for a nutrition and wealth journey. With minimal investment we will work together in an established Business Plan leading to generations of income made possible by our client acquisition and marketing systems. Our regularly updated Zrii Success System is your assurance that all elements are in place to succeed in this opportunity and Wealth Creating Vehicle. This mentor team of full-time experienced professional entrepreneurs will coach you along the way regardless of your current situation if you'll simply take the first step and bring along a good attitude and work ethic. Start and Stay on the Right Track with our Amalaki Advertising Co-op. Watch for updates from our newsletter and learn more about network marketing compensation plans which are key to operating a profitable home based business opportunity. Of particular interest is the Endorsement of the Chopra Center. If you want to attain the product specifically for health benefits we're here to assist you immediately.

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Zrii is a Utah based international dietary supplement company.

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Contact us for Zrii International openings in Mexico and soon to follow Australia and United Kingdom for news and meetings or for the Natural Health Benefits information.  Don't just reach for the stars, catch one!  This Direct Sales opportunity can improve your future by delivering multiple royalty bonuses and competitive advantages discussed in our professional coaching segments and Zrii marketing strategy and idea calls.  We offer distinct advantages over other natural health products with our full-time experts in Zrii Colorado operations and marketing.  The grand opening Chicago Kickoff Event Sold Out in Record Time.

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